How COVID Became the Most Manipulated Disease Event in History

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I have 2 neighbors and one did 2 hip replacements within about 5 months of the first one. That was about 2 yrs ago or so and she
is now 83, my age, and just recently the one replacement failed, something about the cement crumbling and so she had
to have it done again. I know she went to rehab for a couple weeks and will check on her soon as to how she is doing.

These are so invasive and so risky and people just don't know until they do them.
Blimey poor woman 😧 . I can imagine you think you are doing the right thing in order to relieve the pain and symptoms only to end up in a worse situation.

My Physio whom I was seeing about my bulging disc in my back quite a few years ago said he would support me if I wanted to go down the route of an operation on it, however with his experience he said it can cause more issues further on down the line. Last thing I wanted to do was go for surgery and despite regular physio & Pilates classes it took a very long time for the disc to pop back into it's place, but I am glad that I didn't go down that route to be honest. Now I just keep up with regular stretches, Pilates and belly dancing as that helps with the core muscles, and the odd bit of barre Pilates and a deep massage once a month.


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Just know that Prolotheray work is available out there. I've had some injections in my shoulder and with good
success and some in my damaged knee, but the knee ended up with an infection from the injection being placed
in the wrong area. I was doing good and then went and had a 5th session and omg, the doc hit a wrong spot and a staph infection
was finally found by the docs and hospital. I didn't walk for 2.5 months as the docs didn't find the staph infection until they did an
MRI, infections don't show up in xrays. They kept hitting me with xrays for months.

Knee result is another issue from hip job.

Stay away from the knife...

Here is info on Prolotherapy: