Hummers, Bummers, and the 9/11 Media Deception

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Hummers, Bummers, and the 9/11 Media Deception by; Phil Jayhan & Larry McWilliams
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Gamechanger put this video up last night and on my first look through saw the hummingbird flying outside the helicopter, under a very powerful downdraft from the helicopter rotors, flying at roughly 2000 feet. Unfortunately for the official story, hummingbirds can only fly up to about 500 feet. Not much more needs to be said other then this helicopter footage, however and wherever it was shot, shows the video to be a hoax. It's funny and ironic that a little hummingbird showed this was filmed on the ground in a studio like setting...

The helicopter is roughly 2000 feet high, and hummingbirds don't usually fly above 500 feet. See this audobon 30 second video telling you this and why.


And special thanks to gamechanger for posting this video!
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I thought I would add a few videos of the 9/11 media deception, in particular the impossible plane speeds of the wtc 'strikes.

Admittedly, in the video of the OP, I could not see a hummingbird at all, but that may be due to my horribly old computer and monitor idk😅☹️
The video below, at the 30-32 second mark will show the hummingbird.

To add to the 'conspiracy theory' questions poster in post #2,

How can large airframe commercial jets travel as fast at 700 to 1000 feet altitude as a jet fighter that has a much smaller and much less air dragging airframe???

We know the answer, they can't, and not be controllable; most likely the wings would shake so violently (or even sheer off) they would veer off any trajectory at that speed and do a death roll, an end over end tumble or an uncontrolled side roll, and simply crash to the ground.

Compare the absurd and wildly different speeds of the jumbo cargo C17 jet and the FA-18 (I'm guessing a Hornet). I would venture to say visually (just watching the video) that the FA-18 is flying a minimum of 2.5-3 times faster than the C17, and that the C17 is probably going in the range of 200-300 mph air speed.

C17 and FA-18 low fly over - Brisbane Riverfire 2019
Oct 8, 2019

Granted, the Boeing 757s and 767s probably have a slightly smaller and slightly less dragging airframe than the C17, but they are not jet fighters, so we know the bullshit arguments to defend the impossible 9/11 speeds that day won't fly in the face of the truth.

Compare the C17 and FA-18 visual speeds to the relevant footage of the media WTC 'strike' videos,

The naughty day brothers, I've never seen very good footage of the 'plane' 'flight 11' in any of these clips myself, doesn't appear to move as fast as 'flight 175' does in the south tower 'strike', but clearly moving faster than the footage of the C17 in Brisbane shows.
Naudet brothers 9/11 Documentary - 1st plane hits North Tower
May 8, 2014

The Michael Hezarkhani absurd CGI ghost plane that melts into the building like a super fast super hot knife through butter,
Rare angle Of The 2nd Plane hitting the World Trade Center ( Twin Towers )
Sep 10, 2012

This very first video, the ABC Live Chopper clearly shows the "nose out" CGI of 'flight 175' plain (plane) as day. I'd say these footage depicts 'flight 175' as relatively comparable speeds seen in the FA-18 footage above and definitely considerably faster than the C17 speeds.
18 Views of 'Plane Impact' in South Tower | 9/11 World Trade Center (2001 Terrorist Attacks)
Oct 29, 2014