Hummers, Bummers, and the 9/11 Media Deception

Phil Jayhan

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Hummers, Bummers, and the 9/11 Media Deception by; Phil Jayhan & Larry McWilliams
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Gamechanger put this video up last night and on my first look through saw the hummingbird flying outside the helicopter, under a very powerful downdraft from the helicopter rotors, flying at roughly 2000 feet. Unfortunately for the official story, hummingbirds can only fly up to about 500 feet. Not much more needs to be said other then this helicopter footage, however and wherever it was shot, shows the video to be a hoax. It's funny and ironic that a little hummingbird showed this was filmed on the ground in a studio like setting...

The helicopter is roughly 2000 feet high, and hummingbirds don't usually fly above 500 feet. See this audobon 30 second video telling you this and why.


And special thanks to gamechanger for posting this video!
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