I'm gonna fake getting a vaccine for my parents on Jan. 10th, any advice?

I'm gonna fake getting the vaccine for my parents

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So I'm 25 years old, I'm from Chicago and I unfortunately still live with my parents. And my parents are typical, brainwashed leftists in their 50's who believe everything the mainstream media tells them except obvious hate-hoaxes. You can't convince them of anything when it comes to politics and viruses and especially my father. He refuses to read or listen to anything that goes against the mainstream narrative. To a leftist, it's like sunlight to a vampire.

But anyway, my parents say they're at high-risk of dying from the latest virus IF I catch it, and they tell me to go get a vaccine by Jan. 10th, but I don't wanna get a vaccine... I'm scared sh**less of the vaccines because of what I've heard about them. So today, I lied to my Dad that I would go and get one at my local Jewel Osco just to make my parents feel at ease. So here's my secret plan... I'm gonna go for a walk some place else and come home with a band-aid on my upper right arm, tell 'em I did it and go on with the rest of my day. But I'm worried that my Dad might ask about a vaccine card when I return... More than likely he won't, but if he does, I'll say it's in my bookbag and keep moving to my room... I'm thinking maybe I'll print & cut out a picture of one off the internet and write on it just in case I have to flash it to my Dad...

Also, for further information about myself, I've been laid off from work at Jewel Osco (my local grocery store) for too many tardies during the training-period back in August of last year, but they say I can re-apply in 6 months, which is this February. So anyway, I feel guilty about what I'm about to do, and once I'm back to work, I plan to save up money and move to a cheap local trailer park ASAP (possibly by the end of the year) so I won't ever have to feel guilty in case my parents hypothetically ever catch COVID from me and die. I don't wanna be a burden on my parents. My Dad's not willing to make a compromise, so I have no choice but to fake getting the vaccine for everyone's peace of mind.

My parents took a COVID shot back in May, and they basically say they could still potentially die from the latest virus by living with someone who's unvaccinated, even if they go and get more than one vaccine, which makes absolutely no sense and makes the shots pretty much useless, but they refuse to listen... People still get sick or die even after being vaccinated. I've never gotten the actual Covid virus, but occasionally just normal colds within the last 2 years, and so have my parents. Also, my Mom has one bad lung according to my Dad.

I'm stuck between a rock and hard place where I have to choose between either injecting something in me I don't want and then live in fear for the rest of my life about the chemicals & side effects, OR, (best option) cleverly fake getting the vaccine just to make my parents feel at ease and then save up money for a cheap trailer home as a starter-home so I won't be a burden on my parents... Help? Advice? I've never felt so stressed and uncertain in my entire life. This COVID-scare BS is the worst thing to ever happen. I hate how the msm wants to keep people divided & scared out of their wits to try to control the population. It's as if new & 'scarier' viruses are being created each year these days.
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@Doge9000 (post #1 & #2)

Getting back to you kinda late I know, have you told your parents yet? are you telling them that you are getting the jab (but not actually)?

I can only offer my opinion, dishonesty is usually the worst policy; trust me I live with someone (still unfortunately married to as well) that has been very dishonest with me for pretty much our entire relationship, over 25 years.

Lying doesn't sit well with me; however, if there were ways to thwart such a bullshit scheme they have concocted, the 'mandates', like the German nurse that was accused of (though she denied this) of falsely injecting over 8000 patients with saline instead of vaxx; what a great way that would be to get a vaxx card and not take the vaxx, and still keep a freakin' job or get access to life as it should be. But without being on the inside (elite or puppets and celebrities) not likely to be able to get away with it, eventually would be found out...

As far as what to tell your parents about 'covid'- that all depends on what YOU really believe about that: if you read the 'covid' threads here, there are several of us including myself, that find the evidence highly warrants the believe that 'covid' (the 'sars-cov2' in particular) is not real. a hoax, a psyop. Even if there is a virus like that, has been released, or was even already endemic before Dec 2019 in Wuhan China, it is still a massive hoax of scale and true disease identity. Read the "Smoking Gun" thread and the "Covid Facts and Questions" thread at a minimum (mostly my posts, and ignore most of Dick's memes if you can haha) to get a better understanding of what I mean.

Good luck whatever happens.

Sorry your vote was a complete bust. Years ago here you may have gotten a better response.

Btw, without registering to be a GLP member (post #2), we can't see the post where your Dad changed his mind, maybe you can post it here, if you want to.


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Well, what happened was, on January 2nd, my Dad said he wants to see the vaccine card when I come back, and that he would he call the pharmacy to make sure I was there. So I aborted the mission since he was serious about me getting vaxxed and I just straight up told him I'm not getting the shot, and then we got into another heated argument. He got upset with me and sent me to my room, and then when he calmed down, he apologized and told me not to worry about it. I don't have to take the shot. He said "We'll pray for us and hope for the best."

By the way, what happened to this forum?... Where is everyone?... Did it get cleansed for exposing too much information?... This forum was bustling several years ago and it looks like it's been renewed & under new management since September?... Oh, and how ironic we're both from Illinois and you're close to my Mom's age. "Sorry your vote was a complete bust." The forum wouldn't let me post the topic without creating a poll, which was weird. "Covid is not real. a hoax, a psyop." How do I explain that to the average CNN-watching Democrat? Have you changed anyone's mind? Is there a video or an article you'd recommend?
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Dude 111

Im glad you didnt have to lie..... Really they are trying to force dangerous crap on everyone..... Lying is not good but needed in this situation!!

I tried to lie to my friends who were trying to force me to get this but it didnt work... My dad called and told the guy I didnt really get it......

I havent seen them in months. They are typical brainwashed morons who believe all this.....

FUNNY HOW VAXXED PEOPLE ARE GETTING SICK LEFT AND RIGHT because this crap is weakening thier immune system!!

God Bless you Doge9000 :)
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