Is crude oil really made from what we're told?


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Crude Oil, Blood of the Earth? | Oil or “Fossil Fuel” Maybe Produced by the Earth’s Mantle

The following report details the work of several researchers who have put forth the notion that naturally occurring crude oil deposits are not a result of biological decay over long periods of time. Instead, oil could be produced within the Earth’s mantle in an abiotic process.

This information supports the work of some who claim that the Earth is a living sentient organism, with comparable biological systems to native species on the surface, such as a Lymphatic system. Crude oil could literally be the blood of the Earth.

If true, the human race is literally a parasite, in that, it feeds off of the blood of the Earth for its survival. The whole of modern society is completely dependent on hydrocarbons and the materials produced from them, such as plastics.

Considering that the heights of power on Earth are generational dark occultists (Satanists) who staunchly believe blood sacrifices are an essential part of ‘appeasing their angry god,’ it’s not a big leap to conclude that the civilization shaped by their machinations is also vampiric in nature.

But we can develop sustainable systems to get off of oil. Hemp is arguably one of the most amazing plants known to man. One that can completely replace oil dependency while at the same time healing the planet and restoring health for humanity.