Is this the speech JFK spoke that triggered his assassination?

Golden Angel

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Yes they knew he was going to expose them all. This is worth a watch if folk haven't seen this one before, I highly recommend it.



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And a few other reasons........
  • He ordered the printing of $2 billion worth of silver certificates, to end the Federal Reserve monopoly bank.
  • Had fired the head of the CIA, Allen Dulles, for insubordination and wanted to strip their power, he felt they had too much influence on our govt.
  • Had fired General Lyman Lemnitzer from his post as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff due to Lemnitzer’s proposal of Operation Northwoods (psy - ops).
  • Had warned Israel’s Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion that he intended to inspect the Israeli nuclear weapons development site at Dimona, regardless of Israeli opposition.
  • Had threatened to end the petroleum industry’s depletion allowance tax breaks.
  • Had surveillance on his Attorney General brother Robert on the Chicago Mafia.
  • Had threatened to issue executive orders to prohibit the US steel industry from putting price hikes through.
  • Had announced his intention to disengage from Vietnam after the 1964 election.