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At the risk of coming off like Dallas Gold Bug, I would like to share my personal theory about who played Malcom X. As most in Middle America would have first saw his face and heard his name on 60 Minutes when he said that he is going to be murdered. I believe he was a psyop figure played by the same person who played Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes. Early on in his career in the mid-late 70s they styled quite differently, he gained weight, he wore an afro, a big beard and stopped wearing the signature glasses to hide his face. Later in his career Bradley began to look more like Malcom. There was certainly some minor cosmetic surgery. Slight ear work, they filled the cleft in the chin somewhat, they trimmed the edges of the nostrils and may have profiled the bridge of the nose. If you look at many features in many photos, the shape of the head, hairline, brow, cheeks, jawline, the lips, the eyes under the thick glasses. I believe my theory is plausible. If you disagree, that's ok. I have been sitting on this for a few years and didn't know who to tell about it who would care or be open minded enough to take a look. Of course if you pull up tons of photos of these guys, it's not just isolated to these two pictures there are many where it's noticable. There are a few more figures that I believe are a similar situation but, they aren't pertinent here. Thank You, Hendo


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