Satellite images show wheat crops all over the world are FAILING – except in Russia and China


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Satellite imagery of crop fields from all over the world shows that staple crops such as wheat are in poor condition almost everywhere except for two countries that are essentially the same, if not better off than before: Russia and China.

The analysis, conducted jointly by the firms Kayrros and EarthDaily Analytics, looked at information from satellite images, which can determine how healthy crop fields are by looking at how much infrared light the plants reflect back at the satellite’s cameras. This information is then cross-referenced with weather and soil moisture data to indicate the potential harvest’s health. (Related: Farmers all over the world are BEING THREATENED by Deep State-controlled governments and corporations.)

“I’ll have lost 40 percent of this field because of drought and intense heat,” said Sebastien Neveux, a wheat farmer from the Paris Basin, France’s central wheat-producing region, where the weather has been very hot and has affected the health of a lot of his wheat.

There’s very little rainfall from March through April, a crucial time for France’s wheat crops that need moisture to pull up nutrients from the ground. Heavy rain only came in June, but by that time it was too late. Neveux estimates that only 75 percent of his overall wheat crop will survive until harvest time.

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“The grain won’t have the right quality for milling flour,” said Neveux. “It’ll have to go to cow or chicken feed. So I’ll sell it for less.”

Stories like Neveux’s are occurring all over France and the world. Three of the world’s five major wheat exporters – the United States, France and Ukraine – are expected to have significantly lower yields this year compared to the five-year average.