Signs and Stages of a Demonic Possession


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Demonic Possession Cases Are Increasing​

Since seeing The Exorcist back in the '80s, I have been fascinated by all aspects of the occult. None more so than demonic possession. But, what is it? Why are the number of cases increasing? And can it be avoided?

This is written from a spiritual point of view, not a psychological one. This is not written from a scientific point of view. I fully accept that some suspected cases of possession are nothing more than mental illness. That being said, there are some cases that stand out, such as those with professional witnesses that cannot be so easily discounted.

Be Warned: This is a dark and dangerous subject, and the pictures and videos are scary if not outright horrifying. Continue at your own risk. If you are affected in any way by what you believe to be demonic influence, consult a psychologist and your local church.
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