Smoking guns that prove 'COVID-19' is a planned psyop and simulated pandemic


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Helen Keller wasnt braindead like most are now...

Its horrid what Helen went thru.....
She was blind and deaf. I refer to those who have both scenes, that she doesn't. They are brain dead. Not to be able not to put 2+2 together.


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Perfectly Normal Reaction to the Vaccine. Nothing to worry about. (insert sinister emoji here)
All parents should get their kids vaxxed right away this week it's a deadly pandemic you know.


I'm not sure what your game is here but enough people are annoyed by your posts that reports are stacked up in my waste of time bin. So consider this a warning. Stop spamming the threads with irrelevant bullshit. If you got something funny to say, say it, be brief, and don't misdirect peoples threads. Knock it off.

phil ;)