Smoking guns that prove 'COVID-19' is a planned psyop and simulated pandemic


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alpha77 said:
The virus is the vax, simple as that.

Yes thats what I think also.... There is NO virus except in that VAX they are trying to force down everyones throats!!

I have been having problems with some dear friends of mine.... They found out I didnt get this (They all did) and they dont want me there unless I get it,I have been going outta my mind.....

I tried to tell them its bad and I dont want it but they dont care..... Its all very sad!!
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I would say viruses do not exist in nature, possibly are made in the lab. There are meanwhile some docs and scientists bringing the idea to the front that viruses are BS and some even say contagion is BS too. Eg. Stefan Lanka or Tom Cowan. Lanka won a court battle re. the existence of a virus (which one it was ? Polio ?) and here is a www where you can find a bunch of FOIA request re. the "C-virus" and it seems no one from the officials could provide the evidence this virus was isolated. But judge yourself:

FOIs reveal that health/science institutions around the world (107 and counting!) have no record of SARS-COV-2 isolation/purification, anywhere, ever​

Edit, here a shorter talk (8min only) by Dr.s Kaufmann and Gowan about how they "find" or "prove" "viruses":

The virus is the vax, simple as that. Some also say viruses (or at least the nano particles and/or graphene oxide - GO) are in chemtrails etc. but I am not sure about that.
Thanks for the posts alpha, preciate that.

I can't really subscribe to hypotheses put forward in more recent years that viruses "do not exist", I do believe that viruses exist and there is enough evidence to prove that, how they replicate in general. It has also been posited that viruses are simply exosomes, I'm not sure that I can believe that as yet either, although it wouldn't surprise me that some viruses are indeed exosomes and that perhaps all species produce "exosomes" for in house biological function (which can perhaps replicate in specific targeted cells for specific functions etc.) , and exosomes then shed or released by an organism (waste, urine, feces, sweat, spit etc.), could be the viruses that "infect" other organisms (and of the same species or cross species et al); that is just a hypothesis I've thought of more recently, and I'm not going to really try and dig to see if there is any evidence I can find online to support that, way too much work, but I think it's a very interesting idea to look into in the future for sure. I don't buy that viruses are only created in labs either, viruses are very complex but they are relatively simple compared to bacteria and eukaryotic cells so I believe they do naturally exist.

Another idea I've heard of is that germs are never contagious or they can not cause disease, "terrain theory", and some go so far as to say terrain is everything and germs have nothing to do with disease; that is also a concept that I cannot agree with either. One thing that strikes me when I hear certain people advocating for that extreme of the terrain theory, is that they seem to completely ignore the fact that germs, especially bacteria, fungi, protozoa, other microbes, and I'd say really viruses too (although they are in another category not truly living but definitely have biological activity or can be if fully intact), are independent organisms and live or are present just about everywhere. And if/when they replicate wildly out of control in your body, damn well you should believe that they can cause "infection", and many "infections" can lead to disease, and probably some infections are really chronic infections that never really actually go away, more like they are somewhat dormant at times hiding/buffered/protected inside "biofilms" somewhere in the body, and persistent for many years perhaps for the rest of the person's life, but that angle is for other posts as well. Now of course the concept of the "terrain" aspect of disease is something I've only known of for a few years now, so I think the "terrain", environmental condition, particular the chemical constituents of everything we ingest, breathe, take in, conditions we live in, toxins (molecules, heavy metals, chemicals of which there are perhaps millions of different kinds etc.), "terrain" certainly has to have a lot to do with disease; however germs are obviously a part of that "terrain", a huge part of that terrain so to say germs have nothing to do with disease is something that sounds and seems nonsensical to me.

But, does that mean I believe everything some of the 'holy experts' at the CDC or NIH claim about most of the media reported diseases, of course not, the likelihood of deception is extremely high from these people with regards to agendas handed down from elite higher ups, no doubt. Do I believe that the alleged 'sarscov2' virus exists? No I don't, and even if some cov virus exists that is similar to the published genome of 'sarscov2', would I believe any such virus really causes what is called or termed "covid-19", hell fucking no I don't believe it. To bolster my view of it, especially to convince any sheople of this, a lot of evidence has to be brought to the fore to bolster the argument, I had attempted and made quite a few posts last year on showing my view of that, and I still have most of those posts saved in word files that I archived before LRF was hacked and the original forum got scrubbed (I guess in Feb 2021?), and it will take me quite a while to repost all of those posts, but i don't spend too much time on it since my computer is so slow, and I type really slow, so lengthy posts take me a long time:(.

Anyway, I'd thought I'd share a link which posted some of these FIOA requests to the CDC from Christine Massey, and I wanted to highlight one piece of language that covidiots would use to try and discredit what she is saying,

In Response to Freedom of Information Act Requests: CDC Admits There Is No ‘Gold Standard’ for the Isolation of ANY Virus​

This part of the CDC response is not an admission that they have never "isolated" 'sarscov2', only that they have not "isolated" it in the manner Massey described in the FIOA requests,
"that CDC does not purify or isolate any COVID-19 virus in the manner the requester describes."
and indeed in the other link, one of the CDC response letters gives links to studies claiming to show evidence for "isolation" of 'sarscov2' and to links claiming evidence it causes infections etc.,

I'm assuming Christine Massey is the one that authored the lengthy article there; I didn't really read all of it, she did not seem to delve into the links given to her in the article, she is dismissive of some parts of the responses, perhaps legitimate dismissal and some maybe not, I haven't gone through those links myself, eventually I will look at them. One thing I think that she could have cleared up, is by outlining at least one method she would say was acceptable as proof of virus isolation/purification, a viral stock with which study and experiments can be utilized from. But I suppose if she seems to be advocating that viruses "aren't real" then it would seem no "isolation" methods could ever prove such, but she seems to be implying some other method other than what the CDC response said there, which was that the virus "can be isolated by culturing in cells", and presumably the cells used to culture may indeed not be pure or free of other viral contamination.

Now for instance, a general method I can think of off the top of my head is, centrifugation in a sucrose gradient of a diseased patient sample (blood or extracted tissue vortexed in buffer) and extraction of the pure gradient phase centrifugation band where viral particles should presumably precipitate at, and then only viral particles identified and sifted from other similar size cellular components etc., that's kind of my generic understanding of a general accepted way of obtaining virions from a diseased patient or animal, and assuming a high infection/viral load there should be plenty of virus (high concentration) of mostly the one kind in active infection (which sometimes multiple ones are replicating though), or separate out any other viruses from the one type you're looking for. Now after the first stock is produced from the patient like that, then it can be further replicated/cultured in host cells (host cells known to be free of any other viruses is absolutely key) to produce further concentrated viral stocks. That's my basic understanding of a general viral isolation method, so perhaps the CDC or any of the other agencies has or has not done this for any viruses let alone 'sarscov2', I have no idea at the moment.

But anyway, I may come back to that topic, but I want to continue with the some of the original posts from the original thread I had posted last year, more smoking guns of a simulated (hoax) pandemic.

On more thing I will add though, in what I think was the original paper to have claimed to have isolated the Wuhan 'sarscov2' (genomic sequence really) in pneumonia patients, (I had posted this in a different thread) I outlined that the Chinese health authorities routinely screened for the original (alleged) SARS virus and any other SARS-like coronaviruses in patients, particularly in the winter time, like "corona" season is the same time of year as "flu" season of course,

A pneumonia outbreak associated with a new coronavirus of probable bat origin

Published: 03 February 2020

Since the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) 18 years ago, a large number of SARS-related coronaviruses (SARSr-CoVs) have been discovered in their natural reservoir host, bats1,2,3,4. Previous studies have shown that some bat SARSr-CoVs have the potential to infect humans5,6,7. Here we report the identification and characterization of a new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), which caused an epidemic of acute respiratory syndrome in humans in Wuhan, China. The epidemic, which started on 12 December 2019, had caused 2,794 laboratory-confirmed infections including 80 deaths by 26 January 2020. Full-length genome sequences were obtained from five patients at an early stage of the outbreak.
As a laboratory investigating CoV, we first used pan-CoV PCR primers to test these samples13, given that the outbreak occurred in winter and in a market—the same environment as SARS infections.
This was my response to that last section here from that paper,
So samples from these seven patients are sent to WIV (Wuhan Institute of Virology) for diagnosis, and a set of “pan-CoV” PCR primers (“fishing” primers I'd call them) are used to test the samples, for possible coronavirus(es) (as in plural meaning screening for multiple different “coronaviruses” at the same time I'm assuming here); given that the outbreak is in the winter time there, “THE SAME ENVIRONMENT AS SARS INFECTIONS”.
Now it seems possible to me, that the WIV had used sequences generated from the "pan-Cov" PCR primers to stich together a genome from probably multiple viruses, perhaps infecting these patients; but likely or on the other hand- the whole genomic sequence published for 'sarscov2' had in likely fact been generated probably quite some time before these patients supposedly were ground zero for 'covid'; in other words it makes sense to me that this genome has been highly bio-engineered, even if the virus has never been made or made in a lab but never been actually released (don't know for sure of course); I believe the sequencing of this genome is intimately related to the narrative of 'covid-19' disease, which so many symptoms and different diseases conditions have been attributed to this supervirus to be able to cause, a rebranding and lumping of a whole slew of diseases together, much like they did with HIV and the consort of AIDS and immunocompromised diseases, so too are they doing this with 'covid' for a slew of lung diseases (mostly) and plenty of other diseases that can end up with acute lung injury and eventual ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) which is potentially lethal 50% of the time or more. SARS was originally a rebranding of ARDS in my opinion (on a small scale), and 'covid-19' is a rebranding of SARS and therefore of ARDS (on a large scale) with a slew of other causes thrown in with the alleged biochemistry and activity/abilities of 'sarscov2', so that the fake 'pos' rate with people having so many other diseases and so they will then attribute to 'covid-19' that which they really had another disease and may not have even known it. I started to lay all that out in a couple of other threads last year but it will take significant amount of time for me to recreate those posts on the new forum, unfortunately.


Posting more of the original posts of the thread for the smoking guns:

Post #2 (from Truthissweet)

Trump the perp announcing Artificial Event.

Fauci the prognosticator in '16 interview. Interview in link. (link is messed up, didn't paste the whole thing:( )


During the May 2016 interview, then-Science Editor, now Deputy Editor-in-Chief Virginia Hughes asked Fauci,* ,*"What actually keeps you up at night? What should we actually be worried about?" His response? "From the standpoint of broad global impact … a respiratory disease like influenza, that's easily spread and highly lethal."


[QUOTE="alpha77]The virus is the vax, simple as that.

Yes thats what I think also.... There is NO virus except in that VAX they are trying to force down everyones throats!!

I have been having problems with soem dear friends of mine.... They found out I( didnt get this (They all did) and they dont want me there unless I get it,I have been going outta my mind.....

I tried to tell them its bad and I dont want it but they dont care..... Its all very sad!!
Sad to hear that Dude, have you lost any of these friends due to this yet?

Have you also been asked or pressured at work about your "vaccine status"? I have been asked (not pressured so far thankfully), I said I am not disclosing, I was told the company can't discriminate but I don't trust that; I don't believe they will treat unvaxxed employees the same as vaxxed employees.


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In this video, the bed side nurse says about a dozen times "covid exists". (In his mind it exists)
Then at some point he makes the statement something like "I wonder if these positive PCR tests are not Covid but are influenza A".
He is essentially saying in the video, the PCR tests are claiming the sick are Covid, when it probably isn't. He realizes the PCR test is a fraud.

There is nothing unique about the Covid sickness. You can find the same symptoms in just about anything.
To prove it is Covid they use PCR tests or they just lie.
Without the false PCR test where would they be?

I want to give a shout out to David Crowe. He passed away from cancer back in 2020. But he gave us valuable information on this Covid hoax. (excellent read)

You can find some of his works on YT. They are hard to find. His expertise is in AIDS
Goes to show ALL deadly viruses are BS.


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Have you also been asked or pressured at work about your "vaccine status"? I have been asked (not pressured so far thankfully), I said I am not disclosing, I was told the company can't discriminate but I don't trust that; I don't believe they will treat unvaxxed employees the same as vaxxed employees.

Asked, yes, about 3 people who are above me asked. Three! They already know my position, but I made no comment when they asked.
Truthfully, the answer is not easy to swallow. Why should I work for a company who commands I take the poison? I'm sure people are out there thinking it will only be "once". I don't believe that. "once" will turn into "once a year".

They already are treating the unvaxxed different than the vaxx.
  1. Earlier this year, if you were vaxxed you did not have to wear a mask. The unvaxxed did.
  2. The vaxx get to wear a sticker around work stating they took the jab.

Sadly, people are not in a position to lose their job so they end up taking it.


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Friends, you know the main guy Dr. Stefan Lanka, who says virus do not exist (I posted some of his stuff above in German). There was in FACT a court battle about the existence of the measels virus!!!! And Lanka in the end won the prozess. However the court said it was "due to formal" reasons. Lanka proposed 100.000€ for anyone who can PROVE the measels virus. And there was one guy accepting the challenge and he gave 6 science papers as evidence... this is VERY interesting, so please read here incl. the court documents:

Here is also Prof. Wallach who took a look at the 6 papers "proving" the virus:

And I have to agree from the description he gives, non of these papers prove the virus. Esp. no the one which seems to be the one all the other "scientists" and "studies" draw from:

"Enders, J.F. & Peebles, T.C. (1954) Propagation in tissue cultures of cytopathogenic agents from patients with measles. Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, 86(2): 277-286"

I will answer later your other comments - but I think I will read a bit more on the topic first...

HOWEVER I just noted a detail which also questions Lanka himself, I believe I was the one on the 1st forum having a signature "the best opposition is the one we control ourselves" (LENIN). Part of the so called anti-vax movement is controlled opposition and part of it will fail or do something bad (eg. a "anti vaxxer" murders a doctor who wants to give a vax) ofc all staged BS to discredit the anti-v guys as a whole !

Edit2: I read a German headline "anti masker attacks bus driver" see it already starts!


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Sorry if I post so much but I need opinions - there was a thing which made me question Lanka (simmilar to the strange live story of Dr. Hamer, Miles Mathis would probably say typical fabricated spook BS lol)... but cannot remember what I found. But I saw this pic here:


So is this nowadays a "normal" handshake or is it a masonic one ????
Guy on the right is Lanka and I beleive guy on left is the "opponent"(?) in this court prozess..pic taken at court
What do ya think people?

Btw: I already seem to have forgotten how a normal hand shake looks like LOL I avoid nearer contact to vx´ed people now - it is possible the vx "sheds" so better do not hug or kiss etc. the vxed.
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They blame US being unvaxed when its them spreading this!!

Ofc this is the tactic.... the vx´ed will get sick (and some will die I do not buy 100% the depopulation theory in regards to the vx btw - however the purpose may be more sinister then "only death" see my seperate thread) and then they say these are unvaxxed getting sick.
Easy to see through - but also for the sheep or will they buy the BS? So typical divide/conquer again...

@Tritonus : Kery Mullins said, the PCR test "can" be missued - but that it is a good test. Just not for the purpose in the health system. This test is is/was used in the justice system for example - however we might question this use too now. If the DNA proof is safer as a fingerprint - for example - I mean to prove guilt...
Well I heard a false positive rate of up to 97% of PCR to find "a virus" Mullins also questioned the HIV virus btw


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Here is an english account of the whole 100.000€ measles virus "battle":

Maybe I am over reacting to Lanka ? What could be the purpose of him being contr. op or a shill??

However the plot somehow just thinkened when I noted that David Barden (the opponent of Lanka in the case) is related to a well know German politician of the SPD.
Even more "funny" is that Hamer also reacted to the case and said this ( so a bit like myself LOL):

014-04-14: Ryke Geerd Hamer polemisises against Lanka and Bardens – both are Jewish agents​

“Germanische Heilkunde”. He too rejects the present assumptions of “school medicine” and assumes that we are actually witnessing the healing process wherever we diagnose the symptoms of a disease. His perspective on the Bardens versus Lanka case is remarkable with its insinuation that Lanka and Bardens are both agents of the Jewish World Conspiracy.

I love this stuff :ROFLMAO:

Edit2: I note above they call Lanka "the Martin Luther of biology" well Luther too was an "agent" if you are Miles M. believer/fan :)
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