Smoking guns that prove 'COVID-19' is a planned psyop and simulated pandemic


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WHAT IF they released a disease they knew was harmless until you accepted an injection that helped it? There were credible rumors that when CVS employees were entering people's identification info into the system specific batch numbers were given to specific people. WHAT IF those batch numbers were assigned to people based on their social media posts, and what big tech and others involved in the Covid con job knew about everyone? We all know big tech is spying. The same people are behind this shot - BILL GATES, could it be anymore obvious? That bastard has the full slate of everything you ever typed into one of his operating systems, which is what those incessant constant updates were for . . not "security" - that was a con. They were really to analyze who you were. AND HIS SHOT DECIDES WHO LIVES OR DIES, depending on what batch number you get, all based on what all those "updates" sent him. Google gets it even quicker, without updates.

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I had this very similar thought last year, that people are chosen to be 'pos' or "neg" in the 'covid' tests (pcr mainly) based on their personal and demographic information, by the testing regime with their AI quantum computer algorithms (Al Gore rhythms haha), and I posted about that in post#13 of the original thread, so gonna post that one out of order from the original thread cause I think this of significance. I mean, if a patient voluntarily gets a test and the AI knows this persons info and political beliefs, those who believe the 'pandemic' is gonna kill us all and all are surly gonna come up 'pos' way nore often than a skeptic like me: after all I tested "negative" 4 times in a row, 2 back in April and two in June, in pursuit of the surgery I had in June in New Jersey for my chronic pelvic pain. And I go maskless and social dipshitless (no "social distancing" of 6 feet blah blah for me) wherever I can since probably July 2020, so is it possible the AI algorithm knows I would be demanding to see all the lab data including the pcr run data and demanding a retest etc.? cause I knew a 'pos' result was gonna fuck up my chances of seeing the surgeon in April and getting the surgery in June; they expected a "neg" test from IL in order to be seen in clinic in New Jersey but to have a procedure (injections like a nerve block) or surgery they required a "neg" test while in Jersey which takes 24-48 hours so it was tricky to schedule all those appointments around that and then it was a roll of the pcr dice to get the result that wasn't going to fuck up my plans of getting the nerve block in April and the surgery in June. Either I was lucky as hell or maybe their AI algore-rythm knows the fuck better to give a 'pos' result to people like me...

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Very interesting video on “pandemic simulations” and “synthetic populations from 6 years ago, not a smoking gun by itself by any means but I think it may well relate to how the 'covid-19' infection/death numbers are generated, I believe “synthetically” and not real infections or data and certainly not real 'covid' deaths in other words a simulated pandemic and not a real pandemic.

Stats in Action: Infectious Diseases
Jun 3, 2014
U.S. Census Bureau
Scientists use American Community Survey statistics to simulate the spread of disease, allowing decision-makers to prepare for the next potential outbreak. Dr. Irene Eckstrand from the National Institutes of Health, and Bill Wheaton from RTI International, use the ACS data to create "synthetic" populations and determine the effect of disease transmission.

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I hate it when the comments are turned off, sometimes they are more entertaining and enlightening/educational
(links sometimes too that take it further etc.) than the actual video or many times equal to that.

MIDAS = Models of Infectious Disease Agents Study, funded basically by NIH (of which fraudci is also part of Long synopsis short here, MIDAS uses data from the U.S. Census Bureau (most recent Census data as in the 2010 census in this video) and the ACS (American Community Survey,, to create “synthetic populations”(based on real population data of course), then pandemic simulations are run by super computers to simulate the data to see who gets infected, who gets sick who doesn't et al. The data is very specific demographically and geographically, race/gender/age/socio-economic status/political affiliation/medical history-vital stats (I imagine) etc. etc., NSA edward snowden shit.

@~2:00 in, Wheaton states that no other database compered to the ACS combined with census data can provide the level of detail necessary to run these simulations; Eckstrand states that they can (and I'm sure they do) run thousands of these computer simulations in an afternoon (she says “this is synthesized, not your real data”, meaning it is not real infection data but it is real demographic information data being used to input into the pandemic simulation).

My suspicion is that this methodology is how the 'covid-19' “testing' infection/death numbers are generated, synthetically. I am not saying that they are not ever “testing” anybody at all (testing but for what in reality? if 'sars-cov-2' is not a real virus?, I couldn't answer that); but I've repeatedly stated that we really have no idea who is really tested or not, and no such evidence have I seen yet that anyone has really had such a test performed (PCR diagnostic test medical documentation specifically), but surely they are actually performing these tests on some people, but the number of “total tests performed” is far more than the number of total people (patients or prospective screenings for 'covid' etc.) actually tested, due to multiple specimens collected and multiple tests performed from each specimen et al.

Some kind of criteria must be being used (by AI super-computers) to determine who is chosen as 'positive' as opposed to negative, medical history (pre-existing conditions/diseases especially, lung diseases for sure, age, geography, race for sure {it is reported that black and hispanics are in higher proportion of infection and death rate etc.}); perhaps political affiliation, I would assume more democrats vs republicans (I wonder if there is data on this or not), liberals (and fake liberals) vs conservatives, those who would not really question the diagnosis based on the way the media has fed the lie to the public and so on and so on.

Then there was a report like this one almost a week ago,

600,000 people were told they had COVID-19 despite not being tested
July 27, 2020 10:51 AM 2 mins reading
The healthcare program Tricare at the United States Department of Defense Military Health System falsely told more than 600,000 people they had been infected with the novel coronavirus, according to the Daily Wire. Turns out they had never been tested.

The email, apparently sent in error, read: "As a survivor of COVID-19, it’s safe to donate whole blood or blood plasma, and your donation could help other COVID-19 patients," the email stated. "Your plasma likely has antibodies (or proteins) present that might help fight the coronavirus infection. Currently, there is no cure for COVID-19. However, there is information that suggests plasma from COVID-19 survivors, like you, might help some patients recover more quickly from COVID-19."

One beneficiary took to Facebook to see if anyone else had received the strange email, saying: "Just wondering [if] anybody [got] an email from Tricare saying since you are a COVID survivor, please donate your plasma.?? I have NOT been tested ... Just remember all those people inputting data are human and make mistakes."

Human Military "issued a call to blood donors located near military installations that are collecting plasma from recovered coronavirus patients, also known as convalescent plasma, as a potential treatment for the illness," but it apparently went to every "beneficiary located near a collection point," according to a report from

Human issued a formal apology just hours after, saying that "in an attempt to educate beneficiaries who live close to convalescent plasma donation centers about collection opportunities, you received an email incorrectly suggesting you were a COVID-19 survivor." The company added that "you have not been identified as a COVID-19 survivor and we apologize for the error and any confusion it may have caused," according to the report.

The report noted that the corporate communications lead, Marvin Hill, admitted to the error, writing that "as a part of an effort to educate military beneficiaries about convalescent plasma donation opportunities, Humana was asked to assist our partner, the Defense Health Agency."

"Language used in email messages to approximately 600k beneficiaries gave the impression that we were attempting to reach only people who had tested positive for COVID-19. We quickly followed the initial email with a clear and accurate second message acknowledging this. We apologize."

The Daily Wire reported that other healthcare organizations have been epicenters of confusion, writing that "Nashville man Brock Ballou said he received at least three calls from the state regarding his apparent symptoms after testing positive for the novel coronavirus. Mr. Ballou said he was never tested, however."
Now this may well get chalked up with plausible deniability as just some e-mailing carbon copy (cc) error of some sort and not taken seriously. But is this perhaps one part of the above method I was talking about to “synthesize” an infected “pandemic simulation population”? So these 600,000 people who were never tested for 'covid' at all were apologized to and explained it was an error, but we would never be given any evidence/assurance that these numbers are not still included in the 'covid' infection/case numbers now will we? I sure as hell don't think so.

I want to add here a couple of videos, documentaries about the original SARS pandemic, now I believe that pandemic was likely real but total truth not told, but it could be fictional too how the hell would I know: but I think the actual infection rate claimed and geographical spread was probably way under reported but it's lethality probably way over reported as well, perhaps that was true for MERS epidemic as well, and other emerging coronaviruses in last ten years.

I will also say I have sees in conspiracy circles this year floated certain ideas that viruses aren't real (I've seen that one a few years ago too) or that they are just waste excreted from cells (exosomes) etc., I don't really buy any of that, but I also don't buy that viruses really have no known biological function at all which seems to be kind of a prevailing sort of scientific consensus.

My personal thought that came to my mind recently is that viruses all originate from each individual species, are created by each species for a biological purpose in house; genetic signaling within the body (multi-cellular organisms) for repairing or some form of de-toxification etc. or some other function; but the excess excreted viral particles of each species a certain % remain viable in the environment for varying periods of time and can therefore rarely “infect” other differing organisms or/and including other individuals of the same multi-cellular organism of origin. So I see it possible that some influenza viruses, perhaps originating as a virus created by a swine or bird species that serves a positive function for them but excreted and can then occasionally (and probably very rarely, considering the number of viruses contacted per individual organisms and people here) be absorbed and “infect” people or other animals to create a negative function or illness (and occasionally death). That's my little virus hypothesis, I haven't attempted so far to follow up on that, it sounds logical to me anyways.

SARS Documentaries on Youtube: these could be smoking guns of a sort, 'covid-19' being a planned sequel to the SARS epidemic/pandemic.

Killer Bug - SARS Coronavirus
Dec 31, 2014

SARS, one of the most Dangerous Virus Documentary
Jul 26, 2017

I've only watched these two videos once all the way through, I assume that the documentaries were produced several years prior to the published dates on Youtube, but I don't really know when they were produced with exact dates. Now except for the numbers (infections/deaths) and the scale and total spread of the original SARS epidemic/pandemic, and the nature of the extreme dramatic atmosphere and fearmongering in these two videos, if you simply scale up SARS 1.0 numbers to that close to the SARS 2.0 numbers, if you switched these documentaries with a 'covid' title and virus name?, now I ask could anybody tell the freaking difference with these two documentaries from 'covid' documentaries coming out now at all?? I seriously fucking doubt it, the similarities of the way SARS “disease' is presented in these videos differs less than a dime's worth of difference between that and 'covid-19', in my opinion.
This last video is unavailable, channel account was terminated.

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If you are a celebrity a famous person on TV or big on Twitter you get a harmless saline shot this is why very few famous people are suffering after being vaxxed. If you are a nobody or a troublemaker you get the kill shot. A few famous people have died from the vaccine, Hank Aaron the home run king of baseball died after his covid shot they screwed up when they gave him his vaccine. But for all the big stars you see on TV who are all in favor of everyone getting vaxxed they all got saline solution shots or vitamin shots nothing dangerous for fear of killing them. The medical cabal can't have Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert dropping dead from their vaccine that would destroy the propaganda narrative real fast. So famous guys like them are never at risk.


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If you are a celebrity a famous person on TV or big on Twitter you get a harmless saline shot this is why very few famous people are suffering after being vaxxed. If you are a nobody or a troublemaker you get the kill shot. A few famous people have died from the vaccine, Hank Aaron the home run king of baseball died after his covid shot they screwed up when they gave him his vaccine. But for all the big stars you see on TV who are all in favor of everyone getting vaxxed they all got saline solution shots or vitamin shots nothing dangerous for fear of killing them. The medical cabal can't have Jimmy Kimmel or Stephen Colbert dropping dead from their vaccine that would destroy the propaganda narrative real fast. So famous guys like them are never at risk.
My thought on the vaxxines is that most likely most of the doses most people are getting are placebos and so are more or less the negative control group, and there may be multiple positive control groups with the actual drugs and of a range of varying titrated doses of the lipid nano-particles (PEGylated too) that carry the mRNA or DNA of their modified coronavirus "spike" protein. And there is likely lots with doses tainted with who knows what for other nefarious purposes including bonafide "kill shots" (for specific people too meted out by AI algorithms? scary shit if true), but without being able to independently test any lots of vax, plausible deniability of that notion will of course be maintained.

Of which the reputed spike protein is supposed to be from 'sarscov2' virus which is quite possibly a fictitious genome IMSO but I digress. I know it's been reported in articles that the mRNA for the spike protein in the Moderna (I believe) and or Pfizer vaxxines has been modified with genetic engineering to supposedly taylor it so that the form of the protein expressed will be in the fixed "prefusion" form on the protruding part of the subunit of the protein; not going to dig up those articles at the moment though. But I'm not sure if the genetic alterations to the modified mRNA coding sequence have been published or not, likely it would be their proprietary trade secret I would guess but I have not looked that up so far.

There was a few comments on a You Tube video that I found that summed up in almost perfect wording better than I could myself, when I had the very same thought in April 2020, sort of answering the question of "how much spike protein would this basic and simple gene therapy product induce in cells in the body after inoculation?" The comments came from this video,

S Kaz S Kaz 1 month ago
So are we going to do a large double blind study for mRNA booster shots? Shouldn’t we?



1 month ago

Not really. The pharmacology is very much as we saw with the second doses.

Mariano Gil Glz

Mariano Gil Glz

1 month ago

@flagmichael ?????, if your body was injected twice, and did not get a good immune response, they said it had, why on earth a third dose? These things are not to cure you they have another purpose, spread deaths, so does not look suspicious, it is a russian roulette.



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@flagmichael Because of the variable multiplier that is the cell machinery inoculated with mRNA and the unknown number of cells that will be successfully inoculated, the realized dose of spike protein is an unknowable variable, and may result in an effect that produces a range of reaction depending on the individual, anything from a slightly sore arm to more serious reaction that can be fatal. It is the variable nature of the realized dose inherent for the technology that makes it a roll of the dice. For a conventional vaccine there is no variable present involving cellular machinery being messaged to produce a toxic pathogenic protein in an unknowable amount, but there is a fixed dosage of inoculant that can be titrated to fit the patient weight and other parameters. By its nature the mRNA technology is dangerous and is experimental no matter the number of persons who risk receiving it and no matter the approval status.



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@Mariano Gil Glz You are precisely correct. From one injection to the next even for the same individual, it is a roll of the dice for mRNA inoculation because of the unknown variable how many cells will be successfully inoculated and the unknown multiplier that the inoculated cells will apply to their task of producing a pathogenic protein that is highly TOXIC. Each shot has a range of potential effect from benign to fatal as an inherent disadvantage for the mRNA technology.



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@flagmichael You know as much about pharmacology as a fish knows about a motorcycle.
artpatronforever summed it up very well, they likely have no clue how much spike protein will be produced each dose administered: however I will have to search and see if the spike protein levels produced in the blood were even been measured in the initial human guinea pig trials in 2020, or being measured after the vaxxines were released to public for the further mass gene therapy experiment. Maybe I'm wrong and they claim it is at specific known levels. I'm sure some co-vidiot vaxxine defender will claim artpatron is wrong about that, but that certainly makes sense to me on the face of it.

I love how artpatron chided flagmichael, haha!

BTW, I could really care fucking less what 'Dr' 'covid' death Hansen says about Ivermectin and 'covid', I'm posting the video strictly to source these comments.

I wanted to briefly note this article I saw recently that outlines the serious concerns of the vaxxines and the mass gene therapy experiment,

Copyright@ Alejandro Sousa | Biomed J Sci & Tech Res | BJSTR. MS.ID.005501.26444Research ArticleISSN: 2574 -1241
mRNA, Nanolipid Particles and PEG: A Triad Never Used in Clinical Vaccines is Going to Be Tested on Hundreds of Millions of People

I'm hoping to come back to this article for a basic review and post it in the Con-vid vaxxine thread.

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This is why you see many news articles about saline solution being found in batches of the vaccine and they pretend it was a mistake and they call all the people who got vaxxed with saline to tell them you have to return to the location to get vaxxed again. Nobody knows how many vials are saline mixed in with the poison vaccine. When you see a famous person being vaxxed on camera it's 100% a saline solution shot they can't risk the famous person dropping dead on camera.

Sinister Dick Cheney

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The challenge was how to coerce healthy adults to accept experimental medical procedure en masse.

Step One: Massive media hysteria based on exaggeration and fraud
Step Two: Suppression of cures
Step Three: Manic promotion of vaccines as the only solution
Step Four: “Collective punishment” – business and social services shutdowns, mandatory masks “until the vaccine.”
Step Five: Vaccines mandatory as a condition of employment, travel and using public resources


@Sinister Dick Cheney (posts #55 & #57)

Thanks for the response about the saline shot stories, I have no doubt it is true that most of the shots are pure saline; however I doubt that the real vax (that produces the spike protein) is necessarily very deadly (probably it is a low rate), at least initially. If the DNA spike vax or even the mRNA spike vax can integrate into even a small number of cells and then be expressed at later periods of time in an inoculated person's life, that sounds like a mysterious auto-immune type syndrome coming on. The chances of death initially is probably low unless someone is given a pretty high dose of the lipid nano-particles that produce the spike protein in their cells. Of course that is not taking into account other ingredients not divulged in the formulations. But I do doubt that they want to automatically kill off everyone straight off with this vax, I'm certain they are thrilled to see the results that their mRNA concoction can produce the protein they want and elicit an anti-body response. Whether these anti-bodies confer resistance to anything worthwhile is of serious doubt in my mind of course, so don't expect me to be taking this vax ever even if the death risk is actually initially low.

Still all a mass gene therapy experiment, and of course idiot critics out there are whining about people calling it gene therapy when that's exactly what it is on the most basic level, delivering a gene product to induce your cells to produce a foreign protein of interest to them, regardless of whether or not it is intended to alter any genomic DNA in your cells or not; and there is good reason to suspect this can happen even if it might end up being rare. Had an argument over last weekend on Facebook with someone I went to highschool with and 'scientist' friend of his who tried to argue that these vaxxes have zero element of "gene therapy" but they are flat out wrong, and I have found a Securities Exchange Commission document from Moderna that admits that the FDA considered mRNA delivery products as "gene therapy" in 2018, I will post that on the Con-vid Vax thread.

I want to post the last post of the original thread, was from probably a year ago in October 2020,

Post #14 (from gl69m)

Post #14 (from gl69m{LRF})

Been thinking about this for almost two weeks now, Trumpty Dumpty testing 'positive' for the rona; and now the full recovery, all in less than two weeks time it seems. Surly this has to be another smoking gun to the 'covid' psyop, is it not? Just looking at the antics of the blowhard potus along with all of the absurd fearmongering fear porn put out there about this p(l)andemic for so many months now, why would any rational people believe all this bullshit? But I guess some do, stubborn political correctness I guess...

Trump is obviously a liar very often, possibly 9 times out of 10 that he opens his mouth, but on the 'covid' psyop I think he has provided many clues to the fact that 'covid-19' is a complete scam, a fraud. Not that he cares how the vast majority of the people have fallen for it, he considers all people not in the elite bracket at least as high as himself as nothing but "losers and suckers" anyway. Many on my Facebook friend list, people opposed to Trump were saying they believed he is probably lying about being 'positive' for the rona, no shit, that's because it isn't real, but sadly they will argue it's real till blue in the face if you point that out so I've quite trying to do that on Facebook...

President Donald Trump Tests Positive for Covid-19
Actual details of the president’s illness are scant; his physician Sean Conley wrote a memorandum released by the White House press office saying that “the President and First Lady are both well at this time.” Melania Trump tweeted, “We are feeling good.” At a rally two weeks ago, Trump told the crowd that the virus “affects virtually no one.” (small nugget of truth from the con man?)

Not only is that not true, but the possible consequences are much more severe for people who are older and obese. In a weird twist of luck for Trump, though, Covid-19 has been around for long enough that health care workers and scientists have begun to come up with ways to treat it. Here are the kinds of options health care workers might consider for someone like the president.

Even though people of any age and any health status can get very sick and die from Covid-19, three of the things that make the disease most deadly are being male, old, and overweight. That’s not great for the president. Trump is 74 years old and, as of June, weighed 244 pounds. Technically that makes him mildly obese. Across an entire population, all other things being equal, Covid-19 kills hardly anyone under 50.
(another nugget of truth from this article? but left out the part telling us that "Covid-19" is not a real virus...)
But over 50, the numbers start to climb. For people older than their mid-seventies, the mortality rate for Covid-19 is around 4 percent. “Compared to an 18- to 29-year-old, someone aged 73 is about 5 times more likely to be hospitalized and about 90 times more likely to die of Covid,” says Bob Wachter, chair of the department of medicine at UC San Francisco. “Once you’re up to age 75, that death number becomes 220 times more likely to die.”
Trump tests negative to COVID-19 on consecutive days: White House doctor
Updated October 13, 2020 — 9.15am first published at 9.01am

Live updates: Barron Trump also had coronavirus but has now tested negative along with first lady, she says
Oct. 14, 2020

Another thought had occurred to me, who is being spared ('recovered') as opposed to falling 'victim' to the dreaded 'covid-19'? They just couldn't spare Herman Cain for example, he was also 74 this year just like Trump, was he really in worse health than Trump before being 'positive? He was supposedly doing better just before he died I guess. I liked Herman Cain better than most republicans or conservatives and also more than most other black conservatives.

Herman Cain dies from COVID-19 at age 74
Jul. 30, 2020
News reports indicated that Cain had been doing better in recent days, though he continued to draw off a supplemental supply of oxygen to ease his breathing. Often with COVID cases, patients are on an upswing when they suddenly crash and die.
How many people have died that have allegedly got the rona in the White House? I don't think these articles mentioned any deaths,

At least 22 in Trump’s circle have tested positive for coronavirus
Thu 8 Oct 2020

34 people connected to White House, more than previously known, infected by coronavirus: Internal FEMA memo
The administration has sought to downplay the spread.
October 7, 2020

Very long list of "notables" and govt. officials (and maybe some celebrities on this list too?) allegedly dying from 'covid',

List of "notables" "recovering' from 'covid' apparently without issue: Shout out to Viing911 for that post (and gosh, Sept. {blues} Clues forum too I guess, sheesh

Perhaps they are offing notables and officials that aren't going along with or cooperating enough with the 'covid' and further (21/30) agendas?

'Celebrity' or 'Notable' Covid-19 Deaths Call Into Question Rates Of
April 07, 2020
It’s possible that dying from CoVID-19 makes a marginally notable person more likely to be included in Wikipedia’s list—but we see the trend even among celebrities whose deaths are not listed as CoVID-19. I cross-checked using lists of pre-defined people, such as major-league baseball former players, and found similar increases (although for baseball only 5 deaths versus an expected 4, so no statistical significance).

None of these factors seems adequate to explain the 18:1 ratio between the increase in death rate of notable people versus the announced CoVID-19 deaths among the general population.
(this right here was the most "notable" thing this article said, 18 to 1??!! but yet this seems to be the complete opposite {at least so far} with people with the rona in the White House...)
Some possible explanations that come to mind (I leave out the “massive conspiracy theory to cover up the seriousness of the crisis” as too implausible to credit).
Okay, so what about all the marches and protests and riots and fake or manufactured riots?, regardless of who all the true guilty parties (provocateurs mostly IMO) really are. Political rallies, and how about events like Sturgis in South Dakota?

Fact check: Post online misstates Sturgis Rally's coronavirus cases
Sep. 17. 2020
The claim: A post online attributes 88 positive tests to Sturgis Rally, 0.02% infection rate of attendees

Motorcyclists from around the country converged on Sturgis, South Dakota, for the town’s annual motorcycle rally in August — most unmasked and ignoring social distancing guidelines. Some on social media are claiming the event had little effect on the spread of COVID-19.

“Mass testing of Sturgis workers, residents result in no more positive results % than the rest of the state average,” a screenshot of a post reads. “Actually on the low end of the scale. All positive cases were asymptomatic."

The post goes on to say the South Dakota Department of Health is allegedly attributing 88 positive tests to the rally, and that with 450,000 rally attendees, that’s a 0.02% infection rate. (88, one of the good ole' white stupremacist's numbers. OMG, they got it wrong by 46 'cases', supposedly 124)

Study suggests rally led to over 260,000 COVID-19 cases

A California research group set out to estimate the impact of a single COVID-19 “super-spreader” event – and in the case of the Sturgis Rally, the impact was large.

The study, released by the Center for Health Economics and Policy Studies at San Diego State University, estimates that 266,796 COVID-19 cases across the country in the month following the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally can be traced back to the event, which took place from Aug. 7-16. That figure is 19% of the 1.4 million COVID-19 cases between Aug. 2 and Sept. 2.
The researchers used cellphone data to identify areas that saw a large number of rally-goers and tracked cases both before and after the event, the Argus Leader reported.

More:South Dakota dismisses 'elite class of so-called experts,' carries on with state fair after Sturgis rally fueled COVID-19 surge
Both South Dakota’s governor and secretary of health have criticized the study, the Argus Leader reported.

Fact check:Tuberculosis is more dangerous than COVID-19, but context matters
(best fact check of the article IMO!)

Our rating: False

We rate the claim that the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally led to 88 positive tests attributed to the rally, which is a 0.02% infection rate among attendees, as FALSE because it was not supported by our research. The state of South Dakota has attributed 124 cases in the state to the rally. The Associated Press reported that at least 290 people in 12 states who attended the rally have also tested positive. Taken together, that's an infection rate of 0.09%.
Of course, very little mask wearing and social distancing at Sturgis it appears,

Smash Mouth plays to packed crowd at Sturgis motorcycle rally
Aug 11, 2020

It can be asked, why are still so many businesses still shut down, but not large political rallies or events like Sturgis or marches and protests and counter protests etc. etc.? Why? Should be obvious to rational people, 'covid' is a lie, a scam/fraud and a hoax...