The amazing predictions for Russia, by Edgar Cayce


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The amazing predictions of Casey about Russia. Edgar Cayce: predictions about Russia​

At the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, he lived in America amazing person. He could heal the sick and predict the future of the whole world. E. Casey knew beforehand the time of the beginning of the Second World War, the victory of the USSR in it called the date of the signing of the capitulation by the Germans, and even listed the cataclysms that would befall the land in the 21st century. For example, not so long ago the earthquake in Japan happened. Casey's predictions about Russia were banned in the USSR, as they promised his disintegration and predicted the collapse of communism.

How is this possible?​

In Kentucky in 1877, the light appeared, the future healer and prophet. How could an ordinary boy develop such a talent? Researchers, psychotherapists and doctors of medical sciences describe this state as the ability to enter a level of transnational consciousness in which a person manages to see cause-effect relationships. In this stay there is no past and future, the medium is in the present.
The very same E. Casey called this state a universal mind. His prophecies for all his life fit on fourteen thousand sheets. Among the records, the researchers discovered the predictions of the American soothsayer about Russia. Edgar Cayce endowed her with the role of saviour of peace and humanity.

What contributed to this gift?​

In information sources, information about the origin of Casey's gift to foresee the future is different. There are data on the hereditary component. His mother heard voices all the time and acted according to their prompts. Edgar's grandfather was able to move the objects of furniture with the power of thought. The very same medium, being a schoolboy, could sleep on the textbook, and the next day tells all the material set out in it. At the age of thirteen, Edgar was left without a voice after laryngitis. And supposedly a meeting with a local hypnotist turned his life around. He managed to fall into a trance, describe the causes of his dumbness and prescribes a cure. Casey woke up already talking.

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