What happened to the old Forum?

Sinister Dick Cheney

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Philbert what the hell is this where is the old Let's Roll the one I loved and posted to all the time? All my old posts are now gone just like the Twin Towers are long gone. (insert sinister emoji here)

20 years and we got away with everything. Not even Trump was gutsy enough to expose 9/11 for the false flag inside job it really was. And all of us who did this dastardly deed are still walking around as free men.

Keep up the good work Philbert you were the first guy on the web who figured out what really happened.

Sinister Dick Cheney

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But Dad just listen to Eddie he says 9/11 was an inside job our own Government made it happen!

Eddie you need to stop spouting all these nonsense conspiracy theories.
9/11 was planned and executed by Osama Bin Laden and that's the truth.

Hello Mrs. Cleaver that's a very nice dress you're wearing today. I think you're beautiful.
Why thank you Eddie. Now stop filling my boys heads with your crazy conspiracy theories.

Aw you Cleavers are a bunch of idiots. Anyone who believes the Official Story is Crazy.

Sinister Dick Cheney

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Of course 9/11 was an inside job I made a fortune shorting airline stocks before 9/11 then when the stock market opened up again all the airline stocks plunged into the toilet and I made billions. Then I invested all that money in the big weapons companies like Raytheon and General Dynamics and I quadrupled my money once we started fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq. 9/11 was the most profitable day in my entire life. And all my friends made just as much money as I did. $$$$$$$

Sinister Dick Cheney

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Sinister Dick Cheney

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What are we waiting for Dad? Let's play already I'm bored sitting here.
Be patient Junior we're waiting for the plane to crash into the Pentagon.
Oh good here it comes now we'll be able to play in just one more minute.

But Dad I don't see any plane here was the plane invisible? Where'd it go?
That's right Junior it's a special invisible 9/11 plane just look how nice and
clean the fairway still is now we can play on this amazing Pentalawn all day.



Dude 111

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It is sad Phil took the VBB site down.... It was much nicer..... Xen2 doesnt render right on older browsers (Im on IE6) --- Xen1 does but 2 is much different......

But still I wanna thank Phl for not just giving up on the whole idea.. He got things back up and running :)

Sinister Dick Cheney

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This was disgraceful and very embarrassing for us, the plane only had 4 tons of cocaine it should have been carrying at least 10 tons of cocaine! What kind of shit for brains idiot only loaded it with 4 tons?? You always load the plane with at least 10 tons we're trying to make big money here damn it.