What song you listening to?

REM. 'Everybody Hurts' Live8 London July 2nd 2005. 5 days before the 7/7 London bombings. Vicsim Miriam Hyman, is at 4 minute 44 seconds.
The concert was featured on her sister's blog.

Keane 'somewhere only we know' Live8 London July 2nd 2005. 7/7 Vicsim Helen Jones appears at 4 mins 20secs.

Backstage watching the musical establishment fawning all over the Head of the UN.

Look who also turns up, to enjoy the ritual prior to the sacrifice.
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Phil Jayhan

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Didn't you have a fairly comprehensive thread on the 7/7 bombing @ the old LRF? I am in near total ignorance about the 7/7 bombing. I was always spending so much time with forum issues I never really made the time for so much important news. We need to make a timeline of this stuff. Even the order of events escapes me.

Russia School hoax (300 kids)

And many others I don't remember.
I think we touched on it a little on the old forum. There are a couple of long threads about it over at C/F, but interest seems to have died a bit over there..
My interest in 7/7 was renewed in 2020, when I came across that 'official' London live 8 concert
I couldn't believe the quality of the performances, and got a bit suspicious as to why it would take 13 years to upload the video.

On New years eve, had the neighbors and rellies over. They wanted me to put on a music video to last the whole evening, so I randomly played the Live8 video. When I pointed out the 7/7 victims in the audience, some of my guests were gob smacked, one even got angry when I was asked for my explanation. The killer was the birth mark below the right corner of Miriam's lower lip
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Phil Jayhan

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Totally feel you on the nostalgia for those good old forum days. Right now, I'm jamming to Starboy. Wouldn't it be awesome to have a chat box like the old times? Fingers crossed Admin hooks us up soon!

Ya, I happen to known the Admin here and know he will be putting one up soon! Welcome to the forum Ryana... ;)