Why the CNN 9/11 Memorial is a Fraud by: Phil Jayhan

"That's why I think it is a huge mistake to simply say all the victims are vicsim's. And it is also lazy research. There are 2977 or so claimed victims on 9/11, and they need to be done individually, one by one."
Yes there are obviously real existing people caught up in the 9/11 narrative, who no longer exist after 9/11.
There were a few of these discussed at great length in the old forum, even with (alleged) surviving friends & relatives joining the forum to participate in the discussion.
Plus the famous victims on the planes, Babs Olson, Berry Berenson & Ace Bailey to name a few. For me it's finding out what happened to these people, is the remaining missing piece of the jigsaw.
22+ years on, you'd think there would be at least one solid clue to their whereabouts,