Worst 911 Actor: Bill Heitman, WABC, Another 9/11 FRAUD!

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Bill Heitman, brother-in-law of Scott Myers, ABC employee, caught in the worst 911 Acting Job Ever! By; Phil Jayhan & Larry McWilliams

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Sometimes frauds are easy to spot because they are simply bad liars. And lets also remember that lies only have their initial efficacy at or after the event. As time goes on, lies are seen for what they are. You cannot create or recreate the truth based upon a lie. In other words, the truth is always self evident, even if it isn't always seen crystal clear. Lies cannot stand the test of time. This video is a good example of that. Bill Heitman is a fraud. His story is a lie. And all of his bad acting only reaffirms this truth. This is some of the worst acting in the B-rolls filmed that day.

Notice also that we are told he is Scott Myers brother-in-law. (Myers, Mayers, Meyers?) And that Scott Myers did audio for ABC. Is this the same Scott Myers responsible for this video/picture series of Flight 175 crashing into the South Tower?


I believe that this video was shot at 12:34PM on 9/11/2001 because of the name of the file. If anyone finds otherwise, please let me know. To show it isn't only poor acting, by the way, some of the worst I have seen so far in 911 production failures, but also bad scripting which shows the fraud, see the video at 2:40-2:43 where she asks Bill about "safety."

Notice at 2:41 that the female reporter asks him: So, what were you doing there at 5:30 AM, making the building safe?

And I could go on, but after only a few seconds into Bill Heitmans blubberingly poor acting job, you will see it for yourselves! It is that bad and obvious. I hope they didn't give away the bank when paying for this bad acting job on 9/11, because he is worse then a b-rated horror movie star. Perhaps they had a bunch of no shows on 9/11, that didn't show up, and they needed to fill some gaps with whoever they could find, and Bill Heitman was there....

It might have helped if they had thrown some dirt and water on him. The guy claims to have been in the towers while they collapsed, and doesn't have a single piece of dust on him. And notice the meaningless dusk-mask. And the fact that it too is not even dirty.

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So what do you guys think of this bad acting job? And can anyone here find out if this his brotherinlaw, Scott Myers is the same guy who "snapped" that picture above?

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I think its more BS!!!

They know they dont have to make it LOOK REAL as most of the sheeple morons are so braindead they believe it!!


I just noted that many incl. this guy is wearing a mask for the dust in the WTC event. I wonder if this was more pred. programming for the "C19" BS - also ofc the 911 number itself just like the Las Vegas event (harvest 91)

As we know they leave hints in their events for others to come! Edit, might also have to do with "smart dust"
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