You must DIE to save plant Earth: Center for Biological Diversity pushes mass starvation and poverty for humanity through emergency executive order ro


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A non-profit group based out of Tucson, Ariz., is calling on the Biden regime to permanently ban all oil drilling in the United States as part of a comprehensive takedown of the country’s energy infrastructure.
In the name of going “green” and “saving the planet,” the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) wants Joe Biden to declare a national climate emergency – which he is poised to do this week – in order to bypass Congress on the controversial matter.
Back in February, CBD published a report entitled, “The Climate President’s Emergency Powers: A Legal Guide to Bold Climate Action from President [sic] Biden” that lays out a roadmap for the Resident-in-Chief to follow to deconstruct American energy.
“By declaring a national climate emergency, Biden can unlock emergency executive powers already granted by Congress to aggressively combat the crisis,” write Jean Su and Maya Golden-Krasner, the report’s two lead authors.
“This paper identifies five key climate actions the president can take using three emergency and defense framework statutes: the National Emergencies Act, the Defense Production Act, and the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act.”
“This discussion complements the Center for Biological Diversity’s 2019 legal report, which identified the most significant ordinary executive powers that could be used for bold climate action – including a permanent end to the federal fossil fuel leasing and drilling program.”

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